Request for Port Access and Hospitality Passes

Demande laissez-passer de l'ACM pour l'accès au port et l'hospitalité


The number of people you are permitted to host onboard for hospitality depends on the size and the maximum (hospitality) capacity of your vessel, as confirmed by the Owner and/or the Captain.

Sponsor refers to the person or organisation that is supporting your application for the Port berth and for the hospitality operations that you are planning during the Event.

Affiliation refers to the commercial sporting or relationship between the Applicant and the F1 Community and the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Formula E Community and the Monaco E-Prix or Historic Community or Monaco Historic Grand Prix.  The role or function may be a F1/FE/Historic Team or Driver or former Driver, a F1/FE/Historic Sponsor or Supplier, an Event Agency for F1/FE/Historic Client Hospitality or a F1/FE/Historic Media Agency.

Cabin guests refers to those guests sleeping on board.

The first requirement is to confirm that the purpose of the application is to commercialise the berth for hospitality purposes. At this time, it is understood that you may not be able to provide all of the required information. Therefore, please provide a planned projection of the daily Guest count with the understanding that these figures may be adjusted and confirmed closer to the Event.

Additional passes may be purchased from the temporary ACM Acces bateaux office situated XXXX up until and during the weekend of the Monaco E-Prix, Historic Grand Prix or the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Details are set out on the application form.

No, the Port Berth Access and Hospitality pass is only applicable to those guests boarding and being entertained on your vessel during the sessions and the races of the Monaco E-Prix, Historic Grand Prix or the F1 Monaco Grand Prix.

All persons needing access to the vessel require a Pass. Passes for Crew and 3rd party suppliers need to be applied for, however are supplied free of charge.

The passes are purchased as a 4-day package. So, if you have 70 guests on Friday and 90 on Saturday you will be required to purchase 90 packages.

The wristband will change on each day so guests can be easily identified and you will not be required to reclaim passes to use for the following day should your guest list change.

So long as they have the appropriate day wristband they will be able to access the vessel.

The temporary ACM Pass Office opens on 15 April in the SEPM offices. It will be open from 15 to 24 April, Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 13:00, and from 25 April to 27 May, Monday to Sunday, 08:00 – 17:00. The office will be closed on Sunday 28 April and Wednesday 1 May. Your order must be processed by this office, including payment.

All requests for branding must be submitted to [email protected] for approval.