Request for Port Access and Hospitality Passes

Demande laissez-passer de l'ACM pour l'accès au port et l'hospitalité

Conditions for Port Access – Port Hercule

Conditions for ACM Port Access and Hospitality Passes for the 2024 Monaco Circuit Events

Port Access and Hospitality Pass

  • The ACM Port Access and Hospitality Pass is a mandatory Pass in the form of a wristband for all invited Hospitality DAY guests
  • A different wristband will be allocated for each guest on each event day.
  • All Crew will receive CREW passes, valid for the duration of the event. A crew list is mandatory.
  • All technical and service suppliers shall receive SUPPLIER passes. The request must come directly from the company itself
  • ACM shall not accept any returns or exchanges of ACM Port Access and Hospitality passes; ACM shall not grant any refunds
    for unused passes
  • The SEPM Port Berth Fee only covers the yacht and the crew access


How to request passes

All requests for Port Access and Hospitality passes should be made online by the 28th February.


  • Sponsor supporting letter
  • Affiliation proof
  • The Registration Certificate
  • Naturalisation (Monaco vessels only)


  • Crew list
  • Cabin Guest List
  • Supplier List


All requests for branding on your vessel must be submitted to [email protected] for approval.


Accès Bateaux Office – « Jetée Lucciana »
from 15 to 24 April, Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 13:00
from 25 April to 27 May, Monday to Sunday, 08:00 – 17:00
The office will be closed on Sunday 28 April and Wednesday 1 May.
Email : [email protected] | Tel: +377 93 15 26 00 (Vanessa TURCO)



  • The ACM Port Access and Hospitality Pass must be worn at all times within the confines of the Circuit for all Security check points
  • Monitoring will take place systematically during the Events to ensure all guests are in possession of an  ACM Port Access and Hospitality Pass;
  • CREW passes will only be issued when accompanied by an application for GUEST passes
  • Tenders are strictly prohibited (without exception) from docking behind Grandstand T (Darse sud)



If you are successfully allocated a Port Berth, any advertising or marketing requirements, by the successful Applicant to prospective Clients, offering Hospitality products, including the resale of the berth, shall result in the re-examination of the application and associated berth allocation.

This may result in the cancellation of the Port Berth allocation and SEPM reserves the right to retain the application fee.

If a security check on an Event day confirms a discrepancy between the allocation of ACM Port Access and Hospitality Guest passes and the Guest count on board, the Applicant shall be obliged to rectify this immediately with the ACM Accès Bateaux Office; each infringement shall be noted on the Applicants file and shared with SEPM.